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Our Mission

Planta Wellness focuses on curating a selection of the purest and most effective products in the industry with a mission to educate and engage the community about CBD and the natural beneficial properties of the hemp compound.

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Our Story

2020 was truly the year of change. The world as we know it lived through a pandemic and continues to do so. With so many mental and physical changes bringing a new type of retail to the East Bay that provides wellness products just might be what a community needs to get back to feeling better as we work through life changes.     
Local Entrepreneur and Proprietor of Grapes & Grains, Matt Amaral has always been an idea guy, an innovator, a true progressive, out of the box thinker. Matt paved the way for liquor to be sold in Barrington and was awarded the first ever Class A liquor license in Barrington since prohibition. 
For those of you who know Matt, are fully aware of his love for Barrington, the East Bay and giving back to his community. Matt completely changed his lifestyle back in 2019 to a plant based diet. Through this pivotal transformation, Matt began to explore deeply the importance of making choices towards a more holistic and natural approach to one’s health. 
Furthermore, he opened his approach to include CBD and studied the positive benefits CBD has on one’s overall health and wellness. Through this life experience, Planta Wellness was born. 
More than ever, we are turning to a more natural plant based lifestyle in which science supports the long term health benefits. We feel better when we consume and use natural products.   
We invite you to join us on this wellness journey as we introduce you to Planta Wellness, the first CBD Boutique In the East Bay. Planta Wellness specializes in lab tested, all natural CBD products and non CBD wellness products.
Visit us to learn more about the benefits of a daily CBD regiment.
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